moz-screenshot-3.jpgmoz-screenshot-4.jpgthis summer I am going to swim.
I am also going to go to six flags.
the coolest place i am going to is water world.
i am going to have fun this summer.

I like the colors of the rainbow.
i like the colors of tndrain

If I could go any were in the world I would go to Hawaii.
I would take Precious, Antonia, And zeena.
I would go to Hawaii because its a really pretty island.
I would take them because they are my closest friends and if
they went somewhere they would take me .
I really wish i could go to Hawaii and take my 3 best friends with me.

On the 4th of July Played with my friends.
This boy Carlos was lighting these stink bombs and they really stunk.
My grandma brought us some food that my grandpa cooked
it was delicious.
Then me and my friend Shayna played hide and go seek.
I had a lot of fun on the fourth of July!

I think that when I grow up there will be more things do to.
Like play with robots,go to stores for free.
And I think that there will be kids ruling the world.
The gas prices well probably be 20 dollars a gallon.
We probably wont have to go to work because robots will do everything for us.
There might be only five people left on the earth because a tornado came and killed everybody.
And so only five people had survived.
Aliens will take over the world and everyone would loose there mind.
Some people will have floating cars kind of like a n airplane flying just cars.
And when it rains it would rain money and every one would be rich.
I would have a mansion in fact everyone would.
We would still have trees for oxygen.
the world would be surrounded by a giant bubble and if it popped we would all die.
And there would be no gravity.
And thats what I think the world would be like when I grow up.

If I could be any animal it would be a cheetah.
I pick a cheetah because the cheetah is the fastest animal in the jungle.
Cheetahs can run from other animals that are trying to eat them.
Another reason why I pick a cheetah is because I like its spots.
cheetahs have brown and black spots witch is pretty cool.
They are very pretty animals.
Most cheetahs live in the Africa.
Cheetahs are cool thats why if i could be any animal in the world I would be a cheetah!

Today I went to the dentist.
The dentist person changed my wire to a chain.
The chain is something that goes in your mouth, it will close all my gaps.
I had to lay back in a green bed.
Then the person that I was with changed my bracket into a rubber band.
The rubber band is a thing that holds your bracket up its also called a molar.
It kind of hurted when I had to bite down.
The doctor said that next time they are going to put a rubber band on the other side.
I like going to my dentist and at the end an had to scedule an appoinment .

Families are important because they care for you .
Families live with you and they are there to listen when you talk.
Like your mom, she buys stuff for you and she takes care of you.
Your dad teaches you new things and loves you.
Your little brothers and sisters play with you when have no one to play with.
Families stick by your side no matter what you do.
They love you just the way you are.
Even though sometimes they get very angry at you they still love you.
If we didn't have families then we wouldn't have no one to take care of us when we are sick
you wouldn't have no one to care for us or love us
And we wouldn't have no one to comfort us when were filling blue or down.
In fact we probably wouldn't even been born.
Families are important so she should always treat right and love them
because with out them you would really fill down.

When I get to six flags I am going to go on the tower of doom.
Another ride I am going to go on is the mine eraser.
You know to me the funnest ride is the boomerang.
If we go to the water park I am going to go on the speed slides.
I will go on the scariest one.
Plus Ill go on the toilet.
And The edge that ride is awesome.
And thats what I am go on at six flags.

This summer at bridge I really had fun.
The thing I liked the most was when we went to the art place.
I liked seeing the different arts.
Another thing I liked was when me and Valerie got to do a cheers .
I like when we come to the computer lab because we get to type in our journals.
And we get free time.
The tech team is nice to us.
We go on field trips every Friday and all them are really fun.
I learned a lot this year at bridge and I want to come back next year.